Things don’t always go perfectly.

It had to happen.  The local wildlife finally found the hydroponic veggies.  I think it was an opossum that ate all of the cauliflower.  My wife prefers to picture a squirrel because they are much more cute.  The bottom line is that a new project of mine is going to be putting up a chicken wire cage around the garden.  The good news is that the sweet potatoes continue to do well in their pot.

On the more industrial side of things, I am recovering from a wipeout on the scooter.  I was riding on a sidewalk.  The scooter was heading off of the sidewalk into a ten inch dropoff between the sidewalk and some bushes leading directly to a phone pole.  I was a little off balance to turn quickly and did not have enough time to stop.  I slowed down a little and chose to get off at about 15 -20mph rather that hit the phone pole.  I bruised my elbow and ended up hitting the back of my head on the sidewalk, breaking my helmet.  ALWAYS WEAR A HELMET ON A SCOOTER!!!  I got back on and bought a new helmet on the way home. Though the rear wheel was replaced due to a failed bearing a few days later, it survived the crash unscathed.

Some progress has been made in re-installing the re-designed BMS in Sparky.  I did one of 14 modules and then had my like minded neighbor try to figure out how it would fail.  Neither of us could think of a fault condition which would cause another fire.  Good enough, I will continue to install the other modules.

The rest of the solar panels are still on order, so the expansion of the array is on hold for now.  The rear end parts for the Lotus have not yet been assembled, the front end parts are still a few weeks away.  This is getting frustrating.  Kermit was right.  It’s not always easy being green.  But the last thing it has been is boring.