power bill

Darn it!  The electric bill came today.  We owe $29.  The ammount is not the relevent issue, it’s the fact that the number is positive.  I was so hoping to be net zero last month but the record high Florida temperatures have taken their toll.  Maybe this fall or next spring.  I’ll keep you posted.


CRAP! I CAN’T go to work!

At least not without burning gas.  Just when I get sparky up and running, they start construction on the parking lot we were using.  This means no more access to the sockets I was going to use to charge.  Even though it is possible to go to work and back with the range Sparky has, it is not a good idea to stress the batteries that way on a regular basis.  Using the full range of the vehicle should only be done as a last resort, like when some wise guy tries to mess with me by unplugging it.  On the plus side our new parking area is covered, on the other hand, not an electrical socket in sight.  Crap!  One step foreward, two steps back.  I’m going to have to ask the security office if they have any ideas.

No rain since the barrels filled last.  I have finally built a pump to either sprinkle the lawn or use a hose with the collected rainwater.  Not exactly the same pressure as the spigot, but it’s compact, fits in a nice enclosure and it works well enough to water the lawn.  Now to make two more, one for each barrel.

Still eagerly awaiting the electric bill.  How many people look foreward to that?  I really think we should be net zero or better this month.  That would just be too cool.

I think there will be a Lotus update soon.  Look for it!


I can go to work!

Sparky made it just over 56 miles with room for a bit more!  I would estimate a final range somewhere between 60-70 miles.  This means that my 52 mile round trip commute to work is now possible in my electric car.  Granted, it would be much more comfortable with air conditioning, but at least it can do it.