Yay! Drove to work burning zero gas!

I finally had a set of night shifts on my schedule, so driving at night is cool enough.  It was cool to get that EV grin again.  Those three batteries that I was concerned about have seemed to come up to even with the rest of the pack after a few charge/discharge cycles.  There are still plenty of things to bring up to par with Sparky.  Hopefully I will continue to chip away at them until September when things should lighten up at work a bit and slightly cooler temperatures should both give me more time and also make working outside less miserable.  My son continues to use Sparky as well and I use the scooter for short errands when the weather allows.  I think we’ve cut out gasoline use by about a third over the past couple months with more to come.  Even with the EV charging, our June electricity bill was less than the same month last year.

I will keep posting when there is something to share.  Hope to have some interesting pics soon.