Bits and pieces

It’s been a few weeks of little bits of improvement here and there. I tend to be a bit schizophrenic when it comes to projects so there have been a few scattered tasks completed with the cars. Sparky now has a stereo with a sub-woofer, bluetooth and hands free phone, the burned rear liftgate panel has finally been replaced and most of all, the body dents, mis-alligned doors, paint and the grey hood will all be re-done in a couple weeks. All of these things are making the vehicle a lot more comfortable to drive and are welcome now that I am using it almost daily.
The ongoing saga of trying to get the Porsche rear suspension, hub and brake assembly to fit into the wheels continues. The spacers we bought to move the wheels out to make room for the Turbo 944 calipers in the non-turbo phone dial rims will not fit. Currently we’re looking for new rims that will fit. I’ve been corresponding with some other Lotus guys and accumulating info on parts that I will start to track down as soon as I am no longer working during regular business hours. One of the guys suggested that as long as I am building parts that I should re-build the steel bar in the door out of aluminum. The disassembly process just started on the door and we’ll see just how complicated that task will be. There is a lot of weight to be saved, but there might be more work involved than the weight savings is worth.

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