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controller for the lotus (eventually)

controller for the lotus (eventually)

raised bed garden nearly ready for planting

raised bed garden nearly ready for planting

I wrote that last post a couple of weeks ago and saved it intending to finish it in a day or two. Funny how that goes. Yes, I am an ameteur blogger. But on we go!
It has been said that the only constant is change. Or, one could say that this is what I get for driving a 17 year old car. Sparky is sitting immobile on the driveway with the transmission on the ground. It has had a vibration in the driveline ever since the conversion to electric, but it has been getting worse in the last week or two. The transmission and clutch have been taken apart. I thought that the flywheel was out of balance. It’s not. That means that it’s something else, possibly just the way I attatched the flywheel to the motor to begin with. Further, the thing that charges the 12 volt battery from the main pack aka. the DC-DC converter finally died after 8 years. It’s basically like the alternator dying, only it takes a week or two to get a new one instead of just running down to the parts store. Come Hell or high water, Sparky will be air conditioned, non-vibrating and fully functional soon, probably with cruise control! In the end, better than when it came from the factory.
I’m still waiting for the wheels for the Lotus. It’s a long story involving a brain tumor in the guy who was working on them.
On another front, the solar charger for the lawnmower has died. Time to get a new one.
The raised bed garden has finally been enclosed, ready for planting for the spring.
Lately, it has been a bit of work to maintain the hardware that I use for what I call sustainability or at least keep my energy use to a minimum. I guess that is the fact of the suburban lifestyle. I know others who live more sustainably than myself live in the country and don’t need all of this STUFF. I still need to drive 25 miles each way to work and I need a car to get me there. When I decided to go electric nobody built electric cars and even today almost no one will service them, so in stead of replacing an alternator, I have to replace a DC-DC converter. Instead of having someone else fix my clutch/flywheel/coupling/God-knows-what issues, I have to do it myself. In fact though, it is really just different and I am learning a lot in the process. I’d have to be working on a 17 year old gasoline car just as much and paying more for the privelege. Either that or working extra to pay for a new car. The fact is that I’d be just as frustrated working on a gas powered car or a gas powered lawnmower, only I’d be greasier and smell of gasoline.
All of these things, like me, are getting old. I hate to think about that. That is the underlying problem. I feel that my stuff should last as long as I do and equipment failure is just a reminder that one day I will fail too. The good news is that when that day comes my wife and I have already made three replacements. Problem is that they will never be quite as good as the originals.;-)

PS: coming soon, Greasemobile rides again!

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