Finally! NET ZERO!

20130426_183855I just got our electric bill for March. We made 124 more KWh more than we used last month! Still had a stupid bill for $8.98 for access to the grid. It will be interresting to see if last month’s excess is applied against this months bill. This probably won’t happen again until next march, but I’ve finally hit my goal if only for about a month.
Also in progress is a 500 gallon tank for rainwater. A neighbor of mine bought an old firetruck. He is going to put a pizza oven on the back of it and work parties. The issue is that he needs fabrication done and does not need the tank in the back of it. It’s a nice stainless steel tank that would fit great right next to my house and is great for catching rainwater. The deal is that I help him weld up a platform for the oven in the back of the truck and I get the tank for my trouble. Sounds like a good deal with both of us. Above is the tank on it’s side next to where it will rest. The top is open with two access plates that will be bolted on and the other side has a sump and drain that I have to cut off and patch. More to come…