I’m baaaack! and public charging rocks!

I had fun today! I went to the auto show. It’s always great to visit the candy store, especially when the candy store has flavors that are so great that you can’t even afford them. Lamborghinis are still awesome to look at! But that’s beside the point. The point is that for the first time I used a public charging station. It was at the local convention center. The spot was one of the best in the lot right near the exit. The charge station was free, but needed to be turned on. There was a number to call on the Chargepoint charging station. I was able to talk to a human being in less than 30 seconds and within another minute, the car was charging and there is a free membership card coming to my house so that I can charge in the future without bothering an operator. It was just so cool when everyone else was parking blocks away and cruising around to find a spot, I had nearly the best spot at the show reserved just for me and I was refueling for free at the same time! The thing that strikes me as sad is that there was no one else in the spot. I mean seriously, the AUTO SHOW and not a single other EV in attendance and charging? According to a web search, there were no other generally available chargers for several blocks. Still cool!
Still, the wife and I are looking for a plug-in hybrid for next year when our son takes our current Prius to college with him. The plug-in Prius only offers 12-15 all electric miles as opposed to the Volt with 40 miles and the Ford C-max Energi with 21 miles. We keep hoping for the Volvo diesel plug-in, but it won’t make it to America. The rep at the show said that a gas version may next year.
Life has gone on rather uneventfully the past few nonths. The solar panels continue to keep my electric bills under $100 a month, I’ve been driving the Sparky to work. We’re using rainwater to water our plants which are now growing much better with fewer insects attacking them in the cooler drier weather. The cool thing is that a lot of this green stuff has become boring and routine, a way of life. At least for me. It seems to be rubbing off. Just recently, two of my colleagues have asked me how to get started with photovoltaics. I’m not sure if it has anything to do with me but another just put down a deposit on a Tesla S. The world is slowly becoming a better place.
With the cooler weather, I am finally doing what I enjoy, getting back into the garage to build stuff. I should finally be done with the double helix mailbox post in a few days. The parts for the Porsche suspension for the Lotus are done and will be starting work on the subframe in the next week as well. Should be posting more often for a while.

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