For the longest time I never thought it would happen and it did! We finally own a Tesla S! This thing is awesome! No matter how much one could read about the car, you cannot fully appreciate it without driving it. It’s pretty. It’s a spaceship. It burns no gas whatsoever. It’s wonderfully quiet on the highway. I have an old friend in a few senses of the word and I had him drive the car today. “Thank you very much for that experience.” He said, nearly tearing up. He is lover of cars like Jay Leno and me and it seemed almost as though he could die a little happier for having driven that car. This is the power of the Tesla S. It’s been one thing to have a conversion for relatively local commuting, but to have an EV that can go 200 miles on a charge and be nearly completely re-charged in 40 minutes at superchargers that are scattered nationwide is a whole new way of looking at the automobile. This thing is disruptive.
As far as other updates go, Sparky is now at the A/C shop for the building of the hoses and a few other minor modifications that should have it blowing cold in a little over a week. Brackets, wiring and initial testing are done. Now on to the heat exchanger for the Excursion so that I can sell it and help pay for the Tesla.
The garden/front yard is growing great. The potatoes are overrunning it. I just harvested four eggplants yesterday from one plant with more to come. The African spinnach is growing like a weed so that we can’t eat it fast enough. The strawberries are however, dead.
There is finally a demand pump on the rainwater tank so that we can make practical use of the 500 gallons of rainwater we’ve collected.
The solar panels continue to labor away producing enough electricity to keep our electric bill at 150$ per month instead of 400$ like everyone else around us.
I’m happy to report some good news for now. Even with the two steps foreward, one step back way of life, we are using less and producing more all the time. Sometimes, (especially when driving a Tesla) life is good.

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